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Occasionally, changes in politics can affect our savings and investments by impacting taxes and commodity prices. However, there are ways to navigate market instability and safeguard your investments.

The stock market can be unpredictable due to factors like inflation and changes in the value of the US dollar. Investing in precious metals like gold and silver can safeguard your assets by protecting your investment capital from erosion. Gold and other precious metals have a track record of preserving asset value for centuries, unlike fiat money such as the US dollar that lacks physical commodity backing and relies solely on trust in the US government.

It’s possible for investments made using the unstable dollar, such as in the stock market, to collapse at any point. To avoid this, investing in precious metals is recommended. Precious metals operate independently from the dollar and stock market and tend to perform well when the stock market is not doing well. Diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals is beneficial and has many advantages.

Everything To Know About Goldco Precious Metals

These Goldco Reviews

Fifteen years ago, Trevor Gerszt established Goldco Precious Metals, an investment company that specializes in precious metal brokerage and helps clients set up self-directed IRA accounts in accordance with IRS regulations.

Goldco has built a large group of customers over time by building strong and beneficial professional connections with many clients. When he created Goldco, Gerszt’s goal was to offer clear and honest services to help clients, including novice investors, establish their own IRA accounts and invest in gold and silver.

Gerszt believed that a diverse investment portfolio should include physical assets like precious metals to provide stability and protect against political instability or economic changes. This belief is very reasonable.

Goldco is a company that helps its clients invest in precious metals, such as gold and silver bullion, bars, and coins. Unlike other gold IRA investment options where the metals are managed in an IRA account, Goldco provides the option for investors to have direct ownership of the metals if they choose. The founder of Goldco, Trevor Gerszt, focused specifically on brokering gold and silver and providing a risk-averse approach to investment, which has helped the company stand out in the industry.

Goldco’s Services Offered

  • Gold & Silver IRA services offered to clients with a minimum deposit of $25,000
  • 401k gold IRA rollover assistance
  • Optional self Storage of Gold IRAs
  • The sale of mon gold IRA bullion coins, bars and other precious metals
  • The option to directly sell their silver and gold bullion back to them. Goldco is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and offering fair market rates for buybacks while being transparent and honest.

Looking for a gold IRA company with a lower minimum investment? American Hartford Gold offers the chance to invest in a precious metals IRA with no minimum investment.

Goldco Review – Two Main Services

Self-Directed Precious Metal IRAs

The option to purchase precious metals in bullion, coins and bars directly.

Goldco’s Precious Metal IRAs

Goldco offers an opportunity to invest in a traditional precious metal IRA with gold, silver or a mix of both metals, for those who are under 70.5 years old. All services provided by Goldco abide by the IRS guidelines and regulations. Goldco has also partnered with third-party custodial companies to secure customers’ precious metals in modern vaults across the US, ensuring the safety of their assets.

Goldco recommends Equity Trust Company as the best option for custodial services for precious metals. However, if you’re looking for more options, Goldco has partnered with other reputable companies. These partners offer competitive market rates for buying back precious metals and have transparent pricing policies, which clients appreciate. Furthermore, clients are not obligated to sell their precious metals back to Goldco when approaching retirement age.

Precious Metals Direct Purchases

Goldco does not impose any limitations on who can buy gold or silver directly from them. Anyone interested can pick from a range of products available with Goldco and decide on the method of storage – either in a secure vault or by possessing it directly.

Goldco Review – Fee’s and Storage

Goldco aims to maintain low fees for most customers, although certain transactions may incur slightly higher fees.

Goldco Precious Metals IRA Fee’s

  • A one-time setup fee of $50
  • A wire transfer fee of $20
  • All Fees are Waived on 401(k) and IRA Rollovers

Goldco’s Annual Storage and Maintence Fee’s:

  • The fee for non-segregated storage is $100, while segregated storage fee is $150.
  • An annual maintenance fee of $80
  • Customers of IRA can opt for segregated storage and pay only $260 for the first year and $180 annually thereafter.
  • With segregated storage for your IRA, you will only have to pay $310 in the first year and $230 in the following years.
  • Goldco offers a fee waiver for the first year to customers who invest $50,000 or more in their account.

For Which Type of Investor are Goldco’s Services Most Beneficial?

Goldco is an excellent gold IRA company to consider for investors who:

  • Want to buy assets like gold and other precious metals in order to broaden their investment portfolio. They believe that a self-directed IRA is the ideal option for investors who want full control of their investments. Goldco can help them establish a self-directed IRA for precious metals investment.
  • Want to keep their wealth in physical assets, as they have seen stocks fail as investments. Precious metals have proved resilient against market fluctuations for centuries.
  • Are looking to protect their savings amid an anticipated major financial crisis in the United States. Experts are warning about a potential drop in the value of the currency, which could result in severe consequences for the economy.

Goldco makes sure that their customers are well-informed about the investment process and its advantages before proceeding. Their priority is to build customer trust, and this approach has made them one of the leading precious metals dealers in the industry. Customers have reported feeling more secure and confident in their investments due to Goldco’s years of experience and expertise.

Goldco’s agents explain complex industrial processes in simple terms to help customers. Their easy procedures and helpful employees have made them a popular choice for both new and experienced investors. Compared to stocks and bonds, gold and silver IRAs are easier for non-expert investors to understand. This is why many investors choose gold and silver IRAs. Goldco assists investors in purchasing precious metal assets to grow their accounts and also provides buyback options.

Goldco Reviews – Ratings and Feedback

Reviews with Goldco

Goldco has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2011 and consistently holds an A+ rating. While there have been a small number of customer complaints, Goldco has successfully resolved four of them, with three currently being addressed. These complaints often stem from simple misunderstandings that can be easily rectified.

In addition to its membership with the Better Business Bureau, Goldco is also a longstanding member of the Business Consumer Alliance, where it holds an AAA rating. Goldco has received positive reviews from TrustPilot, Consumer Alliance, Trust Link, and Google Reviews. The majority of Goldco’s customer reviews have been positive.

Why Should I Put Gold and Other Precious Metals into My IRA?

Opening an IRA account can help provide economic security for both you and your family. This type of account allows you to save money without paying taxes, and you can use the funds in the future. It is important to remember that IRAs are intended for long-term savings, so it’s advisable to consider investing a significant portion of your savings in reliable assets like gold or other precious metals. Doing so can ensure that you have sufficient resources to support yourself during your retirement years.

Investors are turning to physical gold IRAs as a means of protecting themselves from economic uncertainties resulting from challenges such as inflation, shortages, wars, and lockdowns. Gold is an ideal investment because it holds, and ideally increases in, value over time, making it a more reliable investment than an IRA, particularly given today’s inflation rates.

Investing in a Gold IRA can be a smart move to safeguard your finances during times of crisis, when other assets may decrease in value. Goldco offers a simple and convenient way to invest and take steps towards securing your financial future.

Goldco Reviews From Authentic Customers

“David was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything and answered all my questions. He basically made me feel confident that what and how I was doing is the correct approach. Very pleased with Goldco at this time. 

The purchase is in process and I look forward to seeing the results as I look online. I feel I have made a very smart investment that will protect my life savings as the uncertainty of the global market and the truth comes out of the corruption within our government.”

– James of Dover, OH on Consumer Affairs

“Everyone at Goldco was awesome, from start to finish. They made the rollover so easy for me. Everyone was just awesome. Thanks Wells and Rad!”

– Ralph V. on BBB

“As a new customer I had many questions. The Goldco account team was informative and extremely patient with all of my concerns. They helped me research and gain enough knowledge to feel comfortable with each of my decisions. 

I appreciate the teams level of professionalism and look forward to future transactions.”

– Tammy R. on Trustpilot

“I was put in touch with David Taylor when I needed information on what would be involved in transferring money out of mutual funds in my IRA to gold or silver. This would be a first for me and I was nervous. 

David spent so much time with me that I felt like I was his only potential client that day. Several conversations later and with knowledge as to what to expect I did make the decision to go through with the transfer.

David and his staff made the transaction smooth, comfortable, and, in fact, quite simple. I would not hesitate to have friends in my situation contact David Taylor at Goldco!”

– William C. on TrustLink

What Are The Features That Make Goldco a Good Company?

Goldco aims to simplify the process of establishing a self-directed IRA and buying precious metals so that it is accessible to investors at any level.

  • Excellent Communication

Goldco has a team of agents available to support customers at any time, even after a sale is finalized. Additionally, you can rest assured that all paperwork will be handled by their agents from beginning to end, so there’s no need to worry about making any mistakes.

  • Education is a Priority With Goldco

Goldco not only offers remarkable customer service, but also provides many opportunities for users to learn about different investment aspects. You can find videos, research reports, and blog posts on their website that cover precious metals investing and economic outlook. This resource will allow you to make well-informed decisions about your investments.

Goldco aims to empower their customers with sufficient knowledge to make investment decisions that align with their long-term goals. Their team of experts provides up-to-date and accurate information on various topics, such as metal IRAs and precious metal investments, financial knowledge on recessions, and debt burdens, on their blog.

  • Gold IRA Experts That Are Always Accessible

Goldco stands out for providing its customers with access to dedicated IRA specialists who offer professional guidance throughout the entire process. These specialists can answer any questions customers have and provide clear explanations of the process, not limited to any particular subject matter. Please note that the primary objective of Goldcos salespeople is not just to finalize a sale. Instead, they focus on making sure that customers are knowledgeable and self-assured in their choices.

Goldco’s Agents Provide Assistance Throughout The Entire Process

At Goldco, all clients receive expert assistance throughout their investment process. This not only ensures a smoother experience but also helps save time and money by maximizing investment success. As most people lack knowledge about investments or IRAs, Goldco offers its services to educate them.

Goldco holds the belief that treating customers with fairness and honesty is the way to go. They acknowledge that choosing financial options can be challenging, hence their agents will provide all the necessary education and support to help you make informed decisions for your future. Goldco assumes that customers prioritize integrity and are more confident in making investment decisions when they trust the company. Goldco specialists strive to offer information in a way that is approachable and easy-to-understand, avoiding any language that could be perceived as haughty or incomprehensible to potential investors. They aim to provide expert guidance to customers who may not be well-versed in the industry, helping them feel assured in their choice to invest in precious metals with Goldco.

Gold IRA Rollover Services With Goldco

Goldco offers a professional service to help investors convert their intangible assets into tangible ones by rolling over their current IRA accounts. Without professional assistance, the process of rolling over an IRA account can be confusing and complicated for potential investors.

Goldco offers Gold IRA Rollover Services That Are 100% FREE

Goldco Review – Storage Options

Goldco works with leading storage facilities across the country that use advanced security technology to store precious metals. As soon as you authorize it, Goldco will place your metals in Delaware Depository. But you can also choose to store them in a different facility. Delaware Depository is a great choice because it has over 200 years of experience and uses Class 3 vaults for added security.

Goldco’s Investors Kit

To make informed investment decisions for your retirement, Goldco’s website offers Investors Kit resources. To access this helpful information, click on the “Request a Free Kit” button located at the top of the webpage.

Investors can refer to the frequently updated pricing page for precious metals as a resource for making informed decisions about market entry. This page can also aid in understanding the performance of investments by tracking price growth since the initial investment.

Their eBooks, videos and FAQs section containing valuable information on investing in precious metals are available to clients, aiding them even more in making informed decisions.

Goldco Review – Conclusion

We highly recommend Goldco Precious Metals for investors due to their excellent services and professional attitude. With 15 years of experience, they have satisfied many types of investors. Trusted review websites like Trust Link, Consumer Affairs, TrustPilot, and Google Reviews also give Goldco high ratings. The Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance also praise Goldco for their services. Goldco is a company that has been endorsed by Chuck Norris in previous advertisements. The company’s main goal is to enhance customer satisfaction through all of its operations. Its founder aimed to create an easy process for investors to establish gold and silver IRAs, purchase tangible assets, and manage their portfolios without any inconvenience.

Goldco has earned a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy gold IRA investment company. They achieve this by offering exceptional customer service, helpful educational resources, and employing a team of knowledgeable professionals. Goldco puts their clients’ interests first and treats them like family, resulting in glowing reviews and repeat business. This is why Goldco is one of our top recommended gold IRA companies, but if an investment of $25,000 is not affordable for you, another viable choice is American Hartford Gold, which has no minimum deposit.

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